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Tokyo – Oct.30

10/30 (Fri) at FJ’s 祐天寺   Aska Maret (kaneko) with Friends VOL.5 Aska Maret (kaneko) : Electric Vn, Vn,Vocal × Falcon (Gr) Loopで光を編み込んでいくようなFalcon (Gr)さんとのduo! ご予約: Open: 19:00 Start: 19:30 予約advance: 4,000yen/ 当日at the door: 4,500yen (+ drink)

Tokyo – March 23 *Canceled

postponed …金子飛鳥 with friends vol.5 〜満ちていく光〜 This concert was postponed till 2020 fall…. | 金子飛鳥 (Electric Vn, Vn, Vocal)& Falcon (guitar) 3/23(Mon) FJ’s Live aska & Friendsを楽しみにしていてくださった方へ。コロナのことを考えてFalcon(Gr)さんとのduo liveをキャンセルさせていただきます。今秋に調整中です。 Due to Corona issue, we need more time to decide on the next date, but during this period, we will compose some new songs for the version up […]