Archive of month: October 2021

2021 Clermont (France) – Sep. 26

La Capitainerie (small theater) Sunday, September 26.2021 Réservations : ou Courrier : La Capitainerie, 24 route de Clermont, 63350 JOZE (les propositions de spectacles se font par courrier)

2021 Bari (Italy) – Oct. 1

October 1 at Kismet Theater (BA) “Time Zones Festival” To book tel. 3385957238 We’ll be playing music for my new album ′′ FREE ′′ and compositions by Aska Maret Kaneko and Carlos Buschini. Michele Fazio: Pf / Aska Maret: Vn,Vo/ Carlos Buschini; Bass

2021 Tokyo – Nov. 19

11/19 (Fri ) “Songs & Strings” @ Com Cafe 音倉 |ファルコンFalcon  : Gr| Eri Liao: Vocal|マレー飛鳥Aska Maret: Vn, Vo |吉田篤貴Atsuki Yoshida: Vla|西谷牧人Makito Nishiya: Vc |open18:30 Start 19:00

2021 Tokyo – Oct. 31

“Play Strings! 2”Aska Maret(kaneko) with friends vol.8 マレー”金子”飛鳥 Aska Maret (Vn, Vla,Voice)| 吉田篤貴 Atsuki Yoshida (Vn,Vla, Cl,Voice) 予約book: (~10/30 23:59) open14:30 start 15:00| 前売りadvance 4,000yen| 当日at the door 4,500yen (+drink) 1.公演日Date  2.公演名Title 3.名前(full name)&フリガナ 4.人数Number of people 5.電話Tel     確認メールをお送りします マレー(金子)飛鳥 Aska Maret 吉田篤貴 Atsuki Yoshida

2021 Tokyo – Nov. 8

11/8(MON) 18:00 open | 18:30 start @公園通りクラシクス| Aska Quartet 音のパレットVol.2 “秋色“ | Aska Quartet: マレー飛鳥1stVn, 相磯優子2ndVn, 志賀恵子Vla, 西谷牧人Vc |予約: (カレンダーフォームより) 前回の熱演に更なる色を加えて〜ガーシュイン 、アルゼンチンのポリリズム世界を新たな書き下ろし曲!とともに。Wynton Marsalis引き続き,秋なのでタンゴ曲も!?お楽しみに〜Ticket:予約3500yen/当日 4000yen Tel ?03-6310-8871 11/8(MON) 18:00 open 18:30 start @Koendori Classics Aska Quartet ”Sound palette” Vol.2 〜Autumn color Aska Quartet: Aska Maret 1stVn, Yuko Also 2ndVn, Keiko Shiga Vla, Makito Nishiya Vc |book […]