Betweenness” Aska Kaneko   ~3人のピアニストとのduo~

~ Duo with 3 Pianists ~

Aska Kaneko Violin, Vocal, Bowed Psaltery

Satoru Shionoya: Piano

Febian Reza Pane: Piano

Yosuke Yamashita: Piano


  2004  Planet Arts PLAC1001 (Recorded in Tokyo) (OUT OF PRESS)

1.トネリコの樹のまわりで Round about the Ash

2. fade

3. Chiasma

4. 名前のない日 On a day unnamed

5. 風の谷 Many snows ago

6. Never say enough

7. Between the sky and the clouds

8. Wild boar

9. Nymphe(水の精)

金子飛鳥:Violin, Vocal, Bowed Psaltery

塩谷哲 : Piano

Febian Reza Pane: Piano

山下洋輔 : Piano

*All compose and arrangement by Aska Kaneko except for

M3 (Yosuke Ymashita)

M7 (Febian Reza Pane)


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