Photo by Taishi Hirokawa
Earth Turns Eternal 2022(feat. A-Un)
Aska Maret
2022.4.9 リリース / LEYLINE-RECORDS
Earth Turns Eternal 2022 大地永恒(feat. A-Un)
Yip Sai Wing & Shinon Tomura
2022.4.16 リリース
LEYLINE-RECORDS/Swing Production/TB-project (Music)
Earth Turns Eternal 2022 Hát mãi trái đất xanh(feat. A-Un)
Shinon Tomura 2022.4.24 リリース
LEYLINE-RECORDS/TB-project (Music)
Earth Turns Eternal 2022(feat. A-Un)

多言語プロジェクト (Multi-cultural Music Projects for Peace)

2022年、ワールドワイドで活躍するヴァイオリニスト、マレー飛鳥のユニットの一つであるA-Un(AskaMaret(Kaneko)/Akira Ogawa)」とピアニスト林正樹が参加。

大地には溢れんばかりの愛 時に哀しみの渦
何ができるだろう 君とここで

Boundless Earth Brimming with love
Yet suffer change What is to be done with you

「Earth Turns Eternal」私たちの意志を歌に託し世界中の人に届けます。
Aska Maret

I wrote this song with the hope that this music might in some small way appease the pain and swirling emotions that everyone faces from time to time, and my wish for a beautiful, sustainable future for this planet.

Many artists who speak different languages in various cultures have brought new life to this song, Earth Turns Eternal. Thanks to each of you.

Aska Maret